8-11 September 2013 Canberra AU and Online – First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation


Research Integration and Implementation:

Linking networks, taking stock, planning for the future

This is a conference for researchers involved in:

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The issues motivating the conference and what we are hoping to achieve are explained in the 3.5 minute video in the right hand column (video on the conference aims and background).

In brief, this is a conference about methodology for enhancing research on complex real world problems. Specifically we are interested in ways of bringing together knowledge from various disciplines and practice areas, for dealing with unknowns, and for using research to improve policy and practice.

This is a conference for you if your research interests include:

  • using models and scenarios as ways to bring together various kinds of knowledge
  • developing new dialogue methods
  • finding ways to help research teams collaborate more effectively
  • supporting  policy and practice change
  • understanding how to deal with a problem as a system
  • avoiding unpleasant surprises and unintended consequences
  • and more…

Showcase your work:
Present your past achievements and current work using digital posters. You can submit digital posters now and digital posters are available for viewing as soon as accepted.

Hear from leading experts:
16 plenary talks on transdisciplinarity, systems thinking, implementation, unknowns, case studies and more…
Plenary panel on education for research integration and implementation.
Plenary debate on whether we need a new discipline.

Expand your networks:  Connect with like-minded peers now through:
dot-pointinteraction with digital poster authors as you read their work
dot-pointa LinkedIn group on research integration and implementation

during the conference through:
dot-pointface-to-face and online discussions about the plenaries and digital poster sessions
dot-pointskills-building workshops (in Canberra)
dot-pointnetworking lunches (in Canberra)
dot-pointthe monster networking event (in Canberra)

Help shape the future:  The time is ripe for us to identify common ground, establish synergies and join forces. This will give us a more powerful voice in universities and other research organisations. There is strength in numbers and in combining our ideas and methodologies.

Get involved:  There are three options for participating in the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation. Click to find out more.

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