Jean Lievins: The Networked Society — DISRUPTIVE Technology Rules — and the Most Disruptive of All Technologies is C4ISR Technology that is Also Open Source

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

It’s about doing the impossible – faster

Technology is transforming how everybody builds solutions and faster access to the latest technology gives you an unfair advantage. I work in Silicon Valley and we benefit from that unfair advantage. This is because the technology being invented here is not incremental but disruptive.


You will notice the inclusion of Guardtime signatures. By signing all objects with Guardtime signatures it means we no longer have to trust the cloud provider – another game changer! A technology that scales so well it has been included in rysylog.

More background on the accelerating pace of change:
Changing the game
Winning the game

Phi Beta Iota:  Long long ago in a land far far away Michael O’Hanlon wrote one of his best books and put forth one of his most documented and useful conclusions, to wit, across all military technologies (which is to say, excluding solar power and water desalination), the ONLY revolutionary technology, the ONLY technology that changes everything about how we do both violent and non-violent operations, is C4ISR technology.  The military is now the tail on the C4ISR dog.  Someone, somewhere, needs to figure this out and start taking advantage of non-military C4ISR advances.  To this we would add our two mantras: 01 technology is not a substitute for thinking — the human factor is still fundamental, and mind-sets especially so; and 02 the truth at any cost lowers all other costs — we have to move away from collecting everything (including noise and lies) because we can, and move instead toward precision access to ground truth in all languages, because that is what we need.

See Also:

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