John Maguire: Eric Dollard and Wardenclyffe 2.0

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John Maguire
John Maguire

The video below was filmed by a small/committed group attempting to resurrect the work of Eric Dollard: a brilliant inventor and electrical engineer who like Tesla before him has been used and abused by the establishment throughout his life.

Recently a Civil Engineer named David Witekind mortgaged his home and maxed out several credit cards to set up Eric in a new lab. David’s sacrifice represents the extent that people believe in E.D. and the importance of his work. Further funding for Eric’s efforts was also raised through a recent/successful IndieGoGo campaign. Anyone who is interested in the energy future of our planet needs to investigate this story further. A bright spot in an otherwise bleak news cycle dominated by endless NSA melodrama.

MUST VISIT (A Global Resource): Aether Force.

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