4th Media: Russian or Cuban Play on Snowden Hints at Chavez Cancer from CIA

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4th media croppedSnowden Hasn’t Yet Had the Last Word: Truth about the Suspicious Death of Chaves? Is That Why US So Nervous?

The threats and ultimatums with which the Obama administration is bombarding potential harborers of Edward Snowden should not surprise anyone. No other reaction from the U.S. authorities is possible.

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The likelihood that Snowden will be able to find safe haven in one of the countries of South America is fairly high.

Whatever limitations his status as a «political refugee» might place on him, he will find a way to continue his fight and to demonstrate the inner workings of the «Exemplary Democracy» and its real attitude toward human rights to the international community.

For most of his 29 years, Edward Snowden was a law-abiding U.S. citizen.

But after signing a contract and a non-disclosure agreement with the National Security Agency (NSA), he got the rare opportunity to see firsthand the colossal disparity between what his country’s leaders pharisaically preach about human rights and how they trample those same rights every day in the name of establishing control over the planet.

Provocations, starting wars, «color revolutions», lies and falsifications for the propaganda support of the fight against «hostile regimes» – all of this could not but horrify a young man raised on the principles of morality and integrity.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is a classic piece of work by either Russian or Cuban covert action / propaganda folks, and well worth reading in its entirely.  What we find particularly shoking is the realization that when blatant propaganda by the “other” is more aligned with the truth than anything said at home, a tipping point is approaching.  The bit about Chavez being murdered by the CIA is left to the very end — certainly there do exist means of creating cancer in a specific individual, especially if “collateral damage” among others is of no concern.  On balance, we discount that bit, and with sadness, embrace the balance of the piece as being on target.

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