Berto Jongman: From the English — High Idiocy on Open Access

Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Comments are more intelligent than the article.

Why open access makes no sense

There can be no such thing as free access to academic research, says Robin Osborne in Debating Open Access essays – research is a process that universities teach and charge for

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Phi Beta Iota:  Bankers and a certain class of scholars more kindly called louts believe that wealth should be concentrated, knowledge should be hoarded.  They are the most dangerous retards of this century.  We finally realized that war is more common than peace because war is profitable for a few, while the benefits of peace are so widely distributed as to be uncorruptible.  Similarly, this English lout has evidently never troubled to study collective intelligence or cognitive surplus.  Knowledge creates wealth, and as Alvin Toffler was the first to point out (at least in modern times), in PowerShift, knowledge can be shared infinitely without the originator losing share.  This one idea spawned an entire literatue of books on Infinite Wealth, Wealth of NetworksWealth of Knowledge, Revolutionary WealthNon-Zero is a concept that is clearly beyond the capacity of this English “academic” to comprehend.

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