HANDBOOK: The Do No Harm Handbook (The Framework for Analyzing the Impact of Assistance on Conflict)

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Phi Beta Iota:  An extremely important document, last revised in 2004 but timeless in value.  What most people do not realize about aid is that:

a) most aid is delivered without actually asking the people what they need or want

b) most aid organizations deliver less than 20% of donations to the field, in many cases less than 5%

c) aid generally creates black markets and incentives corruption — it prolongs conflicts to keep the aid coming for criminal exploitation purposes

d) there is no vehicle at this time for harmonizing micro-aid to the household and village levels and that appears to be the most urgent need

e) aid to one tribe can be destabilizing if other tribes feel slighted — there are cultural nuances that most national intelligence establishments simply do not understand.

Handbook at Source (25 Pages)

2004 DoNoHarmHandbook (PBI Safety Copy, 25 Pages)

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