SchwartzReport: American Health Declining by Every Measure — USA 27th Among 34 Developed Nations

07 Health

schwartz reportOur passive servitude to the Non-geographical Corporate States and their minions is literally costing us years off our lives. And, not surprisingly, life is even shorter in Red value states as compared to Blue value states. Read this carefully and note, particularly, the observations about inequality and stress.

Why Do Americans Live Lives So Short?
SAM PIZZIGATI – Institute for Policy Studies


Over 170 studies have so far linked income inequality to health outcomes.

Phi Beta Iota:  The government is supposed to be the steward for a nation’s health.  It is supposed to place the public interest — and public health in every sense of the word including mental, spiritual, and emotional — at the center of all that it does.  This requires full-spectrum intelligence — decision-support — with integrity.  Statecraft is soulcraft, as George Will has so famously stated in the title of one of his collected works.

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