SchwartzReport: Tar Sands Disaster in Canada Unfolding

03 Environmental Degradation

schwartz reportThe corporate media pays no attention, you almost never see a mention of what is happening, and the American government doesn’t want you to know about it. But here is the reality of the Alberta Tar Sands. This is a vile project, ill-conceived, and with great power to destroy the environment.  Click through to see the pictures of what this project is doing to the environment.

Alberta Tar Sands Have Been Leaking for Nine Weeks with No Signs of Stopping
MORGANA MATUS – inhabitat


In Cold Lake, Alberta an environmental disaster is unfolding. The Primrose bitumen emulsion site has been seeping tar over 30 acres of swampy forest for the past nine weeks. Already, the viscous substance has contaminated a large swath of vegetation and killed dozens of animals. About 26,000 barrels of tar have been removed from the area. An anonymous government scientist told the Star that the leak was not going away, that no one understood the causes of the problem, and do not have any effective remediation measures in place. A spokesperson for the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), which oversees the extraction sites, is currently working with owner Canadian Natural Resources Ltd to begin to clean up the mess.

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