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Robert Garigue
Robert Garigue

Robert Garigue (RIP) remains one of the giants of 21st Century cyber-security.  He was 20 years ahead of his time, and most have still not caught up with him.  Below is his cloud list, but we have also selected a few items to showcase.  Trust on the edges, not centralized butts in seats, is the heart of security.


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Here is the single coolest slide that he and Robert Steele created together.  We strongly recommend every single thing he has ever published, when he died in his sleep at the age of 50, we did what we could to gather up his work and showcase it here in memory and in perpetuity.

See (Selective):

Gunnar Peterson on Robert Garigue’s Last Briefing [Note: this is the one briefing that best captures the idiocy across the US cyber-system — still pretending to build Maginot Lines and still absolutely utterly with a clue at the code level.]

Robert Garigue, CISO Briefing

Robert Garigue: Feedback for Dynamic System Change

Robert Garigue: Security as the Guarantor of Values Executed by Systems–Security as Truth & Trust

Robert Garigue: Strategic Evolution of Information Security

Robert Garigue, “Technical Preface” to Book Three

Robert Garigue: Three Information Security Domains–the Physical (Old), the Process (Current), and the Content (Future)

Robert Garigue: When Everything Else is Distributed….

Who’s Who in Cyber-Intelligence: Robert Garigue

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