Anthony Judge: “Big Brother” Crying “Wolf”?

Ethics, Officers Call
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

“Big Brother” Crying “Wolf”?

But them “wolves” are a-changin' — them's becomin' “werewolves”!

Big Brother crying “wolf”?
Erosion of credibility of authority
Trust, confidence, and credibility under a regime of total insecurity
Appreciating the Emperor's new clothes — as designed by NSA
Clues for an existential turnaround?
Questionable “existence” of Al-Qaida
Questionable “existence” NSA/PRISM
Cultivation of “terror”, “terrorism” and “terrific”
Ambiguity of “democratic oversight”: institutionalisation of negligence?
Fear of change: engaging otherwise with “werewolves”
Embodying “malware” transformatively: No Security Anywhere (NSA)?
Paradoxical correspondences and complementarity

Phi Beta Iota:  We strongly recommend Brother Anthony's website, one of the most amazing collections of deep reflection in the English language.  Below, just to emphasize this point, is the table of contents for his Themes:

Organizations and networks  >>
Conferencing and dialogue  >>
Human development  >>
Knowledge organization  >>
Comprehension & communicability  >>
Conceptual patterns  >>
Knowledge presentation  >>
Learning, experiments, patterns  >>
Strategy and governance  >>
Challenges, problems, issues  >>
Management & information systems  >>
Musings  >>
Future possibilities & Change?  >>
Resources  >>

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