SchwartzReport: Another Solar Energy Break-Through

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schwartzreport newHere is some more good news about solar. Click through to see the illustrations, it will make the story clearer.

Berkeley Scientists Announce Graphene Breakthrough That Will Lead to ‘the Next Generation of High-efficiency Solar Cel
TINA CASEY – Clean Technica

A team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has just announced a new breakthrough in the field of graphene research, leading to the next generation of high-efficiency solar cells, computers and other advanced technologies. Graphene, a new material that was discovered less than 10 years ago, is an ultra-thin, superstrong, superflexible electron conductor. As for how to explain the Berkeley Lab research in lay terms, let’s just say that if graphene had a personality it would have its own reality show, and it would give Total Divas a run for the money.

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