SchwartzReport: Oil & Water — Craven Idiocy or Enlightened Renewal?


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This is the best explanation of what carbon energy interests are trying to do that I have read. Because they don’t properly acknowledge climate change, they do not see that it is going to soon be obvious to even the meanest intelligence that we cannot go forward with carbon. But the damage… President Obama’s failure to effectively act in a compassionate and life-affirming way on this issue is one of the reasons I find him so disappointing.

The Third Carbon Age
MICHAEL T. KLARE – Reader Supported News


I constantly tell you that water is destiny. This is what I mean. If all the dams proposed are built the countries of Asia will collectively destroy their environment in a major way; a self-inflicted wound that may take generations to repair. And this report is mostly about surface water.

This same madness can be seen in Fracking, which deals with sub-surface water. Pure underground aquifers are the national equivalent of an inheritance received from a relative one never knew. Polluting them so that a small number of people and corporations can get even richer than they already are is neither compassionate nor life-affirming. It is evil.

Click through to see the graphic, which is very helpful.

China and India ‘Water Grab’ Dams Put Ecology of Himalayas in Danger
JOHN VIDAL – The Observer (U.K.)

Phi Beta Iota:  We should be on the cusp of a new Enlightenment, in which renewable energy — including the new age equivalent of splitting the atom, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen — also makes possible lowering the ocean — that’s right, lower the ocean, raise the aquifers.  The contrast with Chinese and Indian water policy would be both sharp and provocative.  What is so very sad is that the USA, by being at the forfront of disorder and degeneration, is simultaneously at the forefront of regeneration and transformation, but the White House and Congress are so deeply politicized and so deeply ignorant that no change is anticipated in what remains of the Obama-Biden term.

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