Owl: Don’t Eat or Buy Radiated Products from Japan?

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Don’t Eat the Fish or Buy Items from Japan

These reports are evidence of the beginnings of what will be a nuclear and sure to be, economic meltdown in Japan. Other foodstuffs and electronics or factory items – Toyotas, Nissans? – will accumulate nuclear residues to a degree which will force other import bans on items of all kinds from Japan.

“Concerns over Japan’s radioactive contamination and its seafood is spreading to most countries in the Pacific basin. The United States has recently banned agricultural and fishery imports from 14 prefectures in Japan, up from eight. South Korea puts a similar ban on fishery imports from eight prefectures, while China and Taiwan does so for 10 and five prefectures, respectively. FDA Import Alert: U.S. bans agricultural and fishery products from 14 prefectures in Japan due to Fukushima radionuclides — Top Newspaper: Concern over contamination is spreading to most countries around the Pacific.”


US begins to ban japanese agricultural and fisheries products

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