Preston James: Abandoned POWs (Russia, Korea, Viet-Nam) — Betrayal Revelations Emergent

Preston James
Preston James

Left Behind — America's POWs Across Fifty Years

Preston James, PhD

Veterans Today, 10 October 2013

One of the USG’s greatest betrayals and a true blight upon America is the USG’s stubborn refusal to “come clean officially” and tell the truth about leaving thousands of US Soldiers behind in Russia at the end of WW2, in North Korea at the end of the Korean war, and in North Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam war.

The amount of lying, deceit and murder required to keep this BIG LIE and treason secret is astounding and beyond the imagination of most normal Americans.

Highly connected Intel sources have provided the answer which seems incredulous to most.  It goes something like this: “This just happens to be official US policy and once a policy like this is set, it is written in stone. No matter how hard folks try to change it, these people at the top of the Shadow Government will not budge and if you persist you will be stopped, one way or another.”

Various Congressmen and prominent civilians who have tried to expose this big lie have been stopped cold, one way or another by some very powerful people at the top.

But that is no longer going to stay true because, thanks to the worldwide Internet and a rising populism that cannot be stopped, the truth about abandoned POWs is coming out, and many major secrets are now being leaked as never before, and the Secret Shadow Government’s days of tyrannical power are now limited.

And yes, despite how bad it seems and the The SSG’s intrinsic viciousness, it is actually entering its last death throes.  And besides there is a new worldwide mass awakening, a new populism that in time will erode all the seemingly bulletproof strength of the SSG and another more populist form of government will arise. The SSG has gone way too far and harmed far too many people to continue to get away with these crimes against humanity and “we the people”  forever, since their exposure is now a blatant fact of life and once Pandora’s box has been opened, it is too late.

It is not hard to figure out who is the key person or persons involved here have been.  Just ask yourself who ran policy for President Nixon and you will have your answer. Or ask yourself who ran policy for President Eisenhower, who he was indebted to. But Ike, at the end of his presidency, did come clean on what he called the “Defense Industrial Complex”.  He was going to call it the Defense, Congressional, Industrial Complex but took out Congressional at the last minute due after his aides protested this suggesting it would seriously harm the Republican Party.

Today most experts refer to this as the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). (1)  What is important to note about the SSG is that it is the real USG, not the visible one which is purely ceremonial, and it’s power has been maintained  by use of lethal force, serious harassment, human compromise (aka humint), it is now largely privatized and has been able to buy and hijack the ceremonial USG to do its bidding, and is a complex interface with a worldwide network on occult groups which are extremely evil and live  by the “end justifies the means” or “do whatever you have the power to get away with that aides your goals”.

This issue of left behind POWS and USG lies, deceit and treason related to it serves as a core problem of the American republic and one when fully understood provides a glimpse into the deepest secret chambers of the SSG and how it truly operates to control America and “we the people”. Until this core problem of pre-planned Bankster wars for massive profits and all the bodyguard of lies surrounding that fact is fully exposed, we will be stuck will criminal, unConstitutional organizations like the neo-Bolshevik DHS that is arming up to fight a 20 year war against the American people if necessary. The SSG has declared war on “we the people” inside America and the root problem can be understood by examining this monstrous betrayal and treason surrounding the left-behind POWs.

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