IO Newsletter V 14 N 1

IO Newsletter

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In this issue:

1.      How to Fight Cyber War? Estonia Shows The Way
2.      Utilizing Social Media during Major Events
3.      Google Launches Project Shield Cybersecurity Initiative for ‘Free Expression'
4.      U.S.-Style Personal Data Gathering Is Spreading Worldwide
5.      How They Think: PME in the Modern PLA
6.      CNO Says Navy Needs Ground Forces' Help On Cyber, Electronic Warfare
7.      The Nairobi Attack and Al-Shabab's Media Strategy
8.      South Korea Says North Korea Developing Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons
9.      Saudi Experts Boost Their Skills in Electronic Warfare
10.     Fighting On the Cyber Battlefield: Weak States and Nonstate Actors Pose Threats
11.     US Governmental Information Operations and Strategic Communications: A Discredited Tool or User Failure? Implications for Future Conflict
12.     US Senators Warn On Huawei Deal with South Korea
13.     Cyberspace Warriors Graduate With Army's Newest Military Occupational Specialty
14.     China Spins New Lesson from Soviet Union's Fall
15.     Drawing Lessons from Zimbabwe's War of Liberation: Efficacious Use of Propaganda and Violence
16.     Cyber Power in the Gulf
17.     Inside the Ring: China targets Global Hawk drone
18.     Army Reserve Units Earn Top Places
19.     SOCOM Web Initiative on Senate Chopping Block

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