Jean Lievens: How to Design for the Sharing Economy

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

How To Design For The Sharing Economy

How do you create the next Zipcar, Netflix, or Airbnb? Follow these five rules, from Artefact’s Lada Gorlenko.

The definition of ownership is changing. We are becoming less interested in owning products and accumulating wealth through long-term purchases. Instead, we crave experiences, seeking out things without much of a financial or time investment, and have a newfound appreciation of bargains and second-hand possessions (a song about thrifting is leading the Billboard charts as I am writing this). We increasingly consume products and services through renting, sharing, and purchasing subscriptions. Being “socially connected” is no longer just about having a lot of people to share your news with; these days, it’s about having a lot of people to share your stuff with–either for free or at a fraction of the market fee. It’s about collaborative consumption.

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Collaborative consumption is growing from a trend for the young and urban to a viable alternative for everyone. From renting a movie online (e.g., Netflix) to renting a stranger’s couch (e.g., Couchsurfing), the economy of sharing changes the way we behave, consume, seek new options, and commit to decisions. The phenomenon is not just about getting access to new cars and the latest movies; it’s also about creating a new type of peer-to-peer commerce, making meaningful connections, and establishing a sense of trust among those involved.

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Phi Beta Iota: The ultimate shared economic foundation is the informational foundation — creating a shared global network of open sources and methods that allow every person to leverage all others in making decisions. This i the core insight that governments are refusing to pay attention to, in part because they are morally and intellectually challenged. Education, intelligence, and research must be treated as a whole. Integrity must permeate every aspect of all three.

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