Reference: HSBC South-South Special – What a Globalizing China Means for Latin America + China RECAP

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Points to Consider:

01 PRC Rising in Caribbean, Central & South America

02 Banking, Mining, Power, Water…

03 PRC Non-Official Rising Employer and Tax Revenue Power

04 Not Addressed: Export of Chinese Males — Demographic Majority Inevitable

Source Snap-Shot:

South-South ties between China and LatAm are growing beyond the well-known trade flows.

Chinese corporates are now key players in the region, while Chinese banks lend more than the multilaterals.

We (HSBC) highlight the 10 Chinese companies leading the way, as well as seven investment implications.

PDF (54 Pages): (U) South-South Special

Phi Beta Iota: The context for China's expansion across the South is three-fold.  First and foremost, a US Government lacking in both intelligence (decision-support) and integrity (strategic coherence and public interest focus). Second, the growing unity of the South as represented by CELAC and the death of the OAS — the Open Veins of Latin America are healing now, and neither Canada nor the USA are welcome as anything other than supplicants. Third, the independent Internet being built by the BRICS, and other measures being pursued by China, Cuba, Brazil, and others, will increasingly make the the USA deaf as well as blind in the South.

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