Jean Lievens: Open Innovation or Co-creation and Coexistence of Business Models

Crowd-Sourcing, Innovation
Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

Collaborate is not a simple consequence of a statement. It takes courage! To collaborate requires a different attitude that is, go beyond case studies or exchanges of good practices. Business facing the demands of a constant torrent of change, cannot be satisfied in transferring a solution from one company to another, or adapting existing models. To collaborate inside the increasing complexity that companies are facing is a destination that people who embrace inter-disciplinarity and who are not afraid to be wrong, wish (that exemplify the startups).

Open Innovation or Co-creation and Coexistence of Business Models

We know (or we should know) that customers are the final judge of our performance in the markets and to remain in constant contact with them is a step towards innovation and consequently to the success of our organization.

To be in constant contact with our customers means to observe how people experience, emotionally and cognitively, the world around them and from that observation start the path to satisfy their needs.

Inside organizations we found different teams typically seeking to identify significant changes in markets, where companies develop their activity, because these often indicate the need for new business models and new partnerships, where open innovation plays a crucial role. Partnerships between startups and SMEs can be a good example of these possible good partnerships.

Those teams have to collect and absorb large amounts of information, often contradictory in nature giving rise to limited perspective of alternative paths to follow so they can meet the needs of customers. To avoid this “limitation” organizations should be able to redirect its radar and identify a number of little things that usually don’t “jump around”. This only happens when we allow outer looks.

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