John Maguire: E-Cat (Nickel-Hydrogen Energy Catalyzer) for China by Cherokee & Industrial Heat

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John Maguire
John Maguire

Andrea Rossi’s Nickel-Hydrogen Energy Catalyzer (aka E-Cat) is back in the news. Having lain relatively low since reports of 3rd-party tests were released back in May of 2013, Rossi has hinted at a partnership between himself and a U.S. development firm for months. While there has been no official statement it would appear that the partner is North Carolina based Cherokee. It would also seem that Cherokee has validated the technology to the point where they are comfortable marketing it to international governments. More relevant details have been documented by Frank Acland at E-Cat World.

Excerpt from Article at E-Cat World: [A] meeting was apparently held for Cherokee CEO (and Industrial Heat Chairman) Tom Darden to report to Chinese officials and business personnel about the E-Cat. The article says that he met with “the president of the National Academy of planning a low-carbon energy” — who would have to be a government official….We have been looking at a possible Cherokee-E-Cat connection over the last couple of days here, and this latest information leaves very little doubt that Cherokee Investment Partners is the American ‘Partner’ that Rossi has been talking about for so long, and that they have now set up a new entity — Industrial Heat LLC — as some kind of vehicle for developing the E-Cat technology. It seems clear now that Cherokee has witnessed testing and is confident enough to start a marketing and fundraising push.

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