THREAT Week Ending 2014-02-22 [THU 7 PM New]


01 Poverty

Kids, Poverty and Mental Health: Children of war

Tackling poverty and improving education go hand in hand

Micro Credit Cannot Aleviate the Poverty of Capitalism

02 Infectious Disease

Stealthy, Debilitating Disease Is Poised to Sweep the United States

San Francisco Overrun with Bloodsuckers (and Ticks)

TAHC visiting major stock shows to discuss biosecurity practices in the event of an animal disease outbreak

Why Global Health Security Is Imperative

03 Environmental Degradation

New Book: Climate Change, Land Use and Monetary Policy The New Trifecta

‘India faces challenge of environmental degradation’

Stephen Gottlieb: Environmental Degradation as Murder

04 Inter-State Conflict

Syrian war rattles Golan border

War, Peace and the Law

David Swanson: Top Six Reasons to End War

05 Civil War

Is An Afghan Taliban Civil War Beginning?

Talking About a Civil War [in the Ukraine]

Fears of civil war in Ukraine after nine people are killed during bloodiest day of anti-government protests

06 Genocide

New documentary fights against Armenian Genocide denial

Aboriginal genocide and “closing the gap”

Film Series to explore Native American genocide in North America

07 Other Atrocities

The future of atrocity prevention and response

Former US soldier jailed for Iraq atrocities dies

UN report exposes North Korean atrocities

08 Proliferation

This 84-Year-Old Nun Is in Jail for the Weirdest Anti-Nuke Protest Ever

Beijing calls on Tokyo to return plutonium to US

John Kerry: Climate change as big a threat as terrorism, poverty, WMDs

09 Terrorism

Terrorism’s Definition Creep

UK: Chilling High Court decision upholds use of terrorism legislation against David Miranda

Fight moral terrorism by Western world

10 Transnational Crime

A roundup of 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey

PwC survey finds economic crime rising globally, all business sectors, regions suffer from impact

RI, M’sia to jointly tackle transnational crime

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