2014-02-22 Global Reality Daily 0900 East


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01 Poverty. Public Policy and Poverty Reduction in Sudan, 1971-2002

02 Infectious Disease. Coping With Infectious Disease

03 Environmental Degradation.

04 Inter-State Conflict. Global War on Christians the ‘Elephant in the Room'

05 Civil War. The world’s revolutions [infographic]

06 Genocide. The Act of Killing: all about Indonesian genocide

07 Other Atrocities. Central African Muslims seek safety in Cameroon

08 Proliferation. Nuclear Agency Faulted in Nonproliferation Cost Overruns

09 Terrorism. Syria offers to cooperate with Lebanon on terrorism

10 Transnational Crime. Britain to post ‘slavery' spotters at airports


01 Agriculture. Water issues lead the day at Kansas Commodity Classic

02 Diplomacy. Abbas, in Paris: U.S. peace efforts serious, but lacking

03 Economy. Climate change and circular economy take centre stage at Davos

04 Education. Is outdoor education the way of the future?

05 Energy. Despite New Plants, Nuclear Future Still Decades Away

06 Family.  Pope Francis: Family Is Essential to Future of Humanity

07 Health. New global health strategy up for public consultation

08 Immigration. SWITZERLAND: Voters Approve New Immigration Restrictions

09 Justice. Justice issues new rules for seizing reporter records

10 Security. Sumo Logic introducing Machine Data Security Intelligence

11 Society. Society’s iniquity rooted in a single lie

12 Water. Drought-hit farmers in California won't get federal water


01 Brazil. Brazil pledges $18.5 bn cuts in effort to woo investors

02 China. China and emerging markets may be due for a ‘melt up’

03 Cuba. Cuba joins contenders for Panama Canal trans-shipment business

04 Ecuador. Ecuador-Netherlands waste management

05 India. India seeks security for Rome mission after hate mails

06 Indonesia. China, India and Indonesia–Building Trust Amidst Hostility

07 Iran. Iran’s Judiciary Closes a New Pro-Government Newspaper

08 Nigeria. Nigeria’s loss to fake drug imports

09 Russia. Russia Ousting U.S. Official Accused Of Being CIA Spy

10 Saudi Arabia. ‘Saudi Arabia key sponsor of terrorism’

11 Turkey. Turkey prepares to assume G-20 term presidency

12 Veneuzela. Venezuela: it’s the opposition that’s anti-democratic

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