2014-02-21 EIN DAILY


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01 Poverty. Poverty in India 2.5 times the official figure: Study

02 Infectious Disease. Chronic illnesses haunt developing nations: Study

03 Environmental Degradation. McCain Doesn’t Think Kerry Should Be Focusing on Climate Change

04 Inter-State Conflict. Modern War Wounds Can Devastate Vets’ Sexual, Emotional Health

05 Civil War. Berlin and Washington Foment Civil War in Ukraine

06 Genocide. Uighurs denounce Xi Jinping policies involving Han Chinese overlords as ‘cultural genocide’

07 Other Atrocities. Children of War: Compelling tale of atrocities committed by Pak Army during 1971 War

08 Proliferation. Syria submits new 100-day plan for removal of chemical weapons

09 Terrorism. Terrorism pays, literally

10 Transnational Crime. Watchful eyes in front line of global crime


01 Agriculture. Agriculture Security Bill prohibits unlawful, dishonest conduct

02 Diplomacy. Duplicitous Geneva Diplomacy

03 Economy. World economy must be more inclusive, says PM

04 Education. A case for classical education

05 Energy. EU Launches Energy Talks with Georgia

06 Family. France’s future at risk from ‘unnatural families’, say conservative protesters

07 Health. Trading our water, land, health, future for Big Ag

08 Immigration. Immigration groups turn to anger

09 Justice. Secretary-General’s Message for 2014

10 Security. Feds Launch Cyber Security Guidelines For US Infrastructure Providers

11 Society. Society as science

12 Water. Progress on sanitation and drinking-water


01 Brazil. Investments in Brazil Rose Last Year, Study Says

02 China. China Forgives and Forgets Its Old Enemy

03 Cuba. Open Cuba; close Guantanamo

04 Ecuador. Presidential helicopter crashes in Ecuador, three dead

05 India. India slams Pakistan as Parliament attack mastermind resurfaces, calls for ‘jihad’

06 Indonesia. S’pore, Indonesia experts say ‘yes’ to law on transboundary haze

07 Iran. IAEA: Iran Sticking to Deal, Reducing Uranium Stockpile

08 Nigeria. Nigeria can survive without oil’

09 Russia. Russia Prepared To Fight War Over Ukraine, Senior Government Official Admits

10 South Africa. South Africa’s Illegal Mining ‘Getting Out of Control’

11 Turkey. Turkey to boost defense industry with SMEs and universities

12 Veneuzela. Internet a crucial Venezuela battleground

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