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01 Poverty. The Minimum Wage Debate Should Be About Poverty Not Jobs

02 Infectious Disease. Philippines: Post-Typhoon Tacloban ripe for infectious disease outbreaks

03 Environmental Degradation.

04 Inter-State Conflict. War drums in Asia: Back to the European future?

05 Civil War. Ukraine’s Revolution Has Reached Its Climax. These Factors Will Determine What Happens Next

06 Genocide. Rwanda genocide victims, killers take the stage during flame tour


08 Proliferation. Post-Uprising Arms Proliferation is Destabilizing the Middle East

09 Terrorism. Al Qaeda is a Terrorist Group… and a Guerrilla Group

10 Transnational Crime. Cybercrime may become 2nd biggest reason behind frauds


01 Agriculture. Bee Health Crisis Spreads to Bumble Bees

02 Diplomacy. Diplomacy vs. deterrence: Why PNoy is risking confrontation with China

03 Economy. OECD warns global economy is threatened by a new low-growth era

04 Education. Top Vietnamese Party Officials Push Innovation In Schools

05 Energy. Natural gas use increases dependence on fossil fuels — Carl Sack

06 Family. How family upbringing can help in creating future global Indian CEOs

07 Health. Public health: how landscape can improve the health of residents

08 Immigration. Partisanship, Global Warming and Immigration

09 Justice.  Periscope: Social Justice is Key to Stability Peace and Justice (3)

10 Security. Social Security Disability Fund Running Out Of Money, Is It Due To Fraud?

11 Society. Civil Society groups build platform to fight against ‘fascist forces’

12 Water. DIRE MESSAGE FROM FEDS: NO WATER THIS YEAR: Projected federal water allocations to California farm districts cut to ZERO for 2014 due to drought


01 Brazil. Drought Could Drain More Than Brazil’s Coffee Crop

02 China. Crucial Primer on China’s Shadow Banking Explosion

03 Cuba. Cuba makes Hemingway trove available to US

04 Ecuador. Ecuador issued 27 licences to ISPs in 2013

05 India. India should increase ship-building capacity: Mukherjee

06 Indonesia. End Indonesia’s aimless spat with Singapore – Aleksius Jemadu

07 Iran. Iran Tourism ready for 10 million tourists and Japanese hotel investments

08 Nigeria. Missing $20bn: Alison-Madueke will go to jail if found guilty – Presidency

09 Russia. Russians up in arms at ban on lacy panties

10 Saudi Arabia. Syria resistance unmasks Saudi Arabia’s true face: Analyst

11 Turkey. Afghan Taliban open office in Turkey

12 Veneuzela. An anarchist perspective on the protests in Venezuela

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