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01 Poverty. The American right focuses on poverty, not inequality, to avoid blame

02 Infectious Disease. Rare ‘polio-like’ disease reports

03 Environmental Degradation. Senate body on Environmental Degradation meets today

04 Inter-State Conflict. Pentagon plans to shrink Army to Pre-World War II level

05 Civil War. Syrian Civil War

06 Genocide. DA govt perpetrating a slow motion genocide – SACP WCape

07 Other Atrocities. Haitian Judges Greenlight Duvalier Atrocity Charges

08 Proliferation. Government Moves To Check Proliferation Of Small Arms

09 Terrorism. Defeat Al Saud to uproot terrorism: Iraq MP

10 Transnational Crime. White-collar crime hits more than a third of Canadian organizations


01 Agriculture. Defuse agriculture’s ticking time bomb

02 Diplomacy. China: ‘Shuttle diplomacy’ with Koreas aimed at denuclearization

03 Economy. Our Economy Is About to Implode

04 Education. Two Myths about Innovation

05 Energy. This Nazi-Era Law Is Threatening Germany’s Energy Future

06 Family. Our Children, Our Future 2014 Tackles Social Issues

07 Health. Polio-like illness mystifies California doctors

08 Immigration. Immigration Reform Stalled In Washington

09 Justice. Church should help with restorative justice – Bunting

0 Security. Apple’s security bug: Five NSA conspiracy theories

11 Society. A caring society

12 Water. AWRA: Water Policy is No Longer a Luxury for the United States


01 Brazil. Brazil presses EU for undersea cable to skirt U.S. links

02 China. China’s Banks Rush to Match Tech Firms in Race for Online Deposits

03 Cuba. First US-Cuba Museum Exchange in 5 Decades

04 Ecuador. From farm to fruit bowl- the Journey of a Fairtrade Banana

05 India. India,China to kickstart high-level talks with defence parleys

06 Indonesia. Indonesia’s population growth: A demographic bonus or burden? – Edi Suhardi

07 Iran. Iran’s health tourism sector inaugurates modern hospital hotel

08 Nigeria. Nigeria, nation of wasted opportunity?

09 Russia. Distorting Russia

10 Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia: The Middle East’s Real Apartheid State

11 Turkey. Turkey’s new Internet law is the first step toward surveillance society,’ says cyberlaw expert

12 Veneuzela. US Support for Regime Change in Venezuela Is a Mistake

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