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Call for RevolutionUSA –Goals, Why, How (Pal Palsimon)

14 protest videos that went viral and changed the world


Inadequate Intelligence. The Ten Biggest American Intelligence Failures

Isolation of Elites. Political Zionism is destroying a culture and a people, and intentionally so

Breakdown of Elite Consensus. Dingell Casts Long Shadow on Democrats With Departure

Weak or Inefficient Government. Introducing the Comcast Tax

Too Much or Too Little Bureaucracy. Rep. Thornberry Leads Bipartisan Push to Fix Pentagon Procurement

Ego-Centric or Parochial Government. Jindal Rips Obama at White House

Elite Intransigence. Rice’s “No Regrets” and Obama’s Arrogance

Repression of Dissent. Hidden face of crisis: police brutality in US ‘out of control’ – expert

Failure to Adapt. Obama’s war on opportunity

Ineffective Tension Managment. Spy Chief James Clapper: We Can’t Stop Another Snowden

Failure to Examine False Premises. The Good War, Now Not So Good

External Control of Government. McDomination: How corporations conquered America and ruined our health

Arbitrary or Excessive Government. Webster apologizes for ‘Gestapo’ comment

Failure to Respond to All Groups.

Garrison, Industrial, or Welfare State. The New Military-Industrial Complex


Concentration of Wealth. Tom Perkins tells us about the 1%’s vision of a New America

Lack of Public Disclosure. How to Bring the Price of Health Care Into the Open

Loss of Economic Initiative.

Failure to Do Balanced Growth. Gold trades close to 4-month high as signs of weaker US growth spur haven demand

Breakdown of Fiscal, Monetary, Welfare Policies. US NABE Survey: Economists Agree on Mon Policy; Not Fiscal Pol

Insufficient Mobility. US income inequality: gap between rich, poor growing – study

Failure to deal with white collar crime: Crime bosses say sharemarkets are for suckers

Loss of Key Sectors to Foreign Providers.

Loss of Quality Control. U.S. ‘Not Targeting’ Indian Companies: FDA Chief

Status Discrepancies. Comics As “Bibles” for Civil Rights Struggles

Lack of Economic Motivators. Americans grapple with income inequality

Unstable Growth.

Excessive Defense Spending. US to reduce Army, scrap air jets to lessen defense spending


Conflicting Myths.

Inadequate Socialization. Local at-risk youth celebrate one year of stability at Community Access Unlimited

Loss of Authority. IRS releases top tax scams for 2014

Failure to Honor National Myth System.

Humiliation of Leaders. Edward Snowden’€™s Moral Courage (Chris Hedges)

Loss of Confidence by Population. Consumer Privacy Rights Need Urgent Protection in Washington, Activists Say

Cynicism, Opportunism, Corruption. California lawmaker surrenders to face corruption charges

Failure to Deal with Prejudice.

Desertion of Intellectuals.

Failure to Deal with Alienation. What the Modern World Owes Slavery (It’s More Than Back Wages)

Media (Self) Censorship. Bing censoring Chinese language search results for users in the US

Suppression of Intellectual Discourse. For Libraries, The Times They Are A-Changin’

Failure of Religion. GNOSTICISM: An Overview

Cultural Pre-Disposition Toward Violence.


Acceptance of Media Distortions.  Robert J. Samuelson: Make jobs, not propaganda

Inadequate Education. Should the U.S. send authority for K-12 education back to the states and local school boards?

 Failure to Embrace New Technologies. The 18 Most Suppressed Inventions Ever

Failure to Embrace New Groups.

Failure to Have a National Strategy. White House issues strategy to combat wildlife trafficking

Failure to Nurture Entrepreneurship.

Failure to Franchise All Groups. US Youth Development’s Missing Links

Failure to Develop National R&D. Should Universities Profit From Student Research?

Failure to (Protect) Communications. The Mess on Our ‘Information Superhighway’

Failure to Control Police, Army (or Spies). How Disconcerted Should We Feel About an Intel Chief Who Doesn’t Grasp Human Behavior?

Failure to Employ Alpha Citizens. Ted Nugent likens ACA to Nazi Germany

Failure to Assess & Apply Technologies.

Excessive Urbanization or Pollution. Study: Lejeune Marines had High Cancer Death Rate


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