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01 Poverty. How Anti-Poverty Programs Marginalize Fathers

02 Infectious Disease. U.S., 26 Nations to Speed Programs Against Infectious Diseases

03 Environmental Degradation. Europe’s seas ‘under threat’

04 Inter-State Conflict. China gives order to commence war with Japan ‘if it is appropriate to fight’

05 Civil War. Thailand “faces civil war risks”

06 Genocide. India and world needs prod to recognize, act on Tamil genocide

07 Other Atrocities. UK sternly resists paying reparations for slave trade atrocities and injustices

08 Proliferation. The Politics of Nuclear Non-Proliferation

09 Terrorism. Counter-terrorism expert lists 10 impacts of NSA on cloud security

10 Transnational Crime. Economic crime still serious


01 Agriculture. Water Scarcity Requires Agriculture To Be “More Productive” – FAO

02 Diplomacy. Haiti – Diplomacy : President Martelly received in private audience by Pope Francis

03 Economy. Four questions to help us understand the inclusive economy

04 Education. SRI International and Educational Research Collaborators To Expand Innovative Digital Math Curriculum in Florida

05 Energy. Brazil sets sights for a future powered by wind energy

06 Family. Carbon monoxide suspected in deaths of 4 Idaho family members

07 Health. Health alert issued over measles cases

08 Immigration. First economic immigration forum on P.E.I. coming in May

09 Justice. Top Justice Dept. Official Quietly Stepped Down In December

10 Security. Poor Security Key Management Poses Cyber-Threat to Internet of Things

11 Society. Environment Ministry officials visits Rawabi, future green Palestinian city

12 Water. It Takes How Much Water to Grow an Almond?!


01 Brazil. What’s holding back Brazil?

02 China. Smog chokes China as public, experts demand change

03 Cuba. Cuba continues to trim state payroll, build private sector

04 Ecuador. Oil-Threatened Ecuador Is a Jaguar Hotspot

05 India. India plans cultural blitz across China

06 Indonesia. Indonesia’s Religious Tolerance Problem

07 Iran. Iran-Pakistan Ties Challenged by Regional Violence

08 Nigeria. Nigeria outshines Kenya, South Africa in Google’s Africa competition

09 Russia. Window on Eurasia: Russians Overwhelmingly Oppose Moscow Intervention in Ukraine but Also Say There Won’t be a Maidan in Russia

10 Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia begins Mecca water projects

11 Turkey. Turkey deputy PM to Sudan’s Darfur for ‘biggest’ aid project

12 Veneuzela. Venezuela Opposition Cancels Maduro Talks as Unrest Grows

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