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01 Poverty. Top 5 Lame Excuses Not to Support Extreme-Poverty Alleviation Work

02 Infectious Disease. Global Health Concerns Are Much More Than Infectious Disease

03 Environmental Degradation.

04 Inter-State Conflict. Future of Lebanon

05 Civil War.

06 Genocide. Today is the mourning day for the victims of Azerbaijani people’s genocide committed by Armenians in Khojali

07 Other Atrocities. Op-Ed: Mainstream Media Mum on Atrocities Against Christians

08 Proliferation. Can illicit nuclear trade be stopped?

09 Terrorism. Poverty breeds terrorism: Jesse Jackson

10 Transnational Crime. Global Warming to Trigger Increase in Violence in U.S., Comprehensive Study of Crime, Weather and Climate Change Confirms


01 Agriculture. Inclusive agriculture

02 Diplomacy. Mohammed VI … King of diplomacy, construction


03 Economy. Economy of Tomorrow: Experts call for tax reforms and redistributive policies

04 Education. Importance of research, innovation in education stressed

05 Energy. Lacey Alternative Energy Fair – Future is Now

06 Family. Pope issues letter to families

07 Health. Safeguarding Public Health: South Africa’s Challenge to International Intellectual Property Laws

08 Immigration. Immigration Groups Want Obama to Stop Deportations. Here’s Why He Probably Won’t

09 Justice. Senate Report Faults Justice Department on Tax Evasion

10 Security. Results Show Attacks Successfully Bypass Perimeter Security Systems; Better Endpoint Security Needed

11 Society. Social, Sensor, Cloud. Building a Global Society!

12 Water. 26 water leaks identified in Little Falls [almost half of all water lost]


01 Brazil. Fatal flaw in plan to evade NSA

02 China. China Would Use Coal Plant to Power [$1.5B] Jamaica Port

03 Cuba. The Decline of [Anti] Cuban Power in Miami

04 Ecuador. Ecuador’s president will seek cabinet shuffle, change to party

05 India. India Regional Parties Form Bloc as Alternative to Gandhi, Modi

06 Indonesia. China, Indonesia to strengthen maritime, anti-terrorism cooperation

07 Iran. Iran exports over $1.62b worth of technical-engineering services

08 Nigeria. Wake Up Nigeria!

09 Russia. Russia says it won’t intervene in Ukraine

10 Saudi Arabia. Police station comes under heavy gunfire in eastern Saudi Arabia

11 Turkey. Turkey returns historic monastery to Syriac community

12 Veneuzela. Venezuela Missing Ukraine’s Ace-in-the-Hole Allies

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