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Inadequate Intelligence. In Benghazi, U.S. Intelligence Wasn't Focused On ‘Homegrown Militants'

Isolation of Elites. Chris Matthews: Communists Were Right, U.S. Run by Wealthy Elites

Breakdown of Elite Consensus. UPDATE 1-U.S. Senate leader Reid blasts Koch brothers over Obamacare ads

Weak or Inefficient Government. Immigration Reform News and Impact on US Homeland Security February 26, 2014

Too Much or Too Little Bureaucracy.

Ego-Centric or Parochial Government.

Elite Intransigence. Maryland considers legalizing marijuana

Repression of Dissent.

Failure to Adapt. The End of Higher Education’s Golden Age

Ineffective Tention Managment.

Failure to Examine False Premises.

External Control of Government.

Arbitrary or Excessive Government. The Big, Bad Freeze – The Supreme Court just made it easier for the government to take your assets before you even go to trial.

Failure to Respond to All Groups.

Garrison, Industrial, or Welfare State.


Concentration of Wealth. Editorial: Unequal wealth

Lack of Public Disclosure. Documents Say Navy Knew Fukushima Dangerously Contaminated the USS Reagan

Loss of Economic Initiative. LAMBRO: Obama kickstarts the ‘minimum wage economy’

Failure to Do Balanced Growth. Rates policy won't dictate US growth, says Nobel laureate Spence

Breakdown of Fiscal, Monetary, Welfare Policies. Mormon Parenting: Families as the cause — all else as effect

Insufficient Mobility. Greenspan: Income Inequality ‘Most Dangerous' Trend in US

Failure to Deal with White Collar Crime. Acting Head of Justice Department's Criminal Division Stepping Down

Loss of Key Sectors to Foreign Providers.

Loss of Quality Control. A New Light on Regulators in the Dark

Status Discrepancies.

Lack of Economic Motivators.

Unstable Growth. MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: Defense Dept. Contracts for Feb. 25, 2014

Excessive Defense Spending. Battling Indefensible Cuts: Reduce Wasteful Defense Spending Instead of Troops and Benefits


Conflicting Myths.

Inadequate Socialization.

Loss of Authority. Should Occupy have cut off its right hand?

Failure to Honor National Myth System.

Humiliation of Leaders.  Dempsey, U.S. Leaders Discuss Obama’s Afghanistan Decision

Loss of Confidence by Population. The recovery: Deja vu all over?

Cynicism, Opportunism, Corruption. West Virginia’s culture of corruption

Failure to Deal with Prejudice. Prejudice shortens gay life span, study finds

Desertion of Intellectuals. Grassroots efforts seek to reverse brain drain in South Florida [The Miami Herald :: ]

Failure to Deal with Alienation. Richard Godwin: Libraries should survive if only to enlighten us

Media (Self) Censorship. Ralph Nader: Twenty Billionaires Or Megabillionaires Who Could Run For US President In 2016 To Break Two-Party Duopoly From Primary To Election Day – OpEd

Suppression of Intellectual Disourse. Feud Over Israel Erupts at Jewish Institutions

Failure of Religion. We Neglect Religious Education At Our Peril

Cultural Pre-Disposition Toward Violence. U.S. Mayors Convene to Stop the Violence Against African American Men and Boys


Acceptance of Media Distortions. US tells three Venezuelan diplomats to go in tit-for-tat expulsions

Inadequate Education. Ga. pushback against U.S. education standards

 Failure to Embrace New Technologies.

Failure to Embrace New Groups. Obama eases penalties for businesses hiring illegal immigrants

Failure to Have a National Strategy. Strategic Horizons: For the New Autocrats, America Needs a New Strategy

Failure to Nurture Entrepreneurship. Why Teaching Entrepreneurship Keeps Kids in School

Failure to Franchise All Groups.

Failure to Develop National R&D. Dell to shift PC R&D resources from US to Taiwan, say Taiwan makers

Failure to (Protect) Communications. The Deep Vulnerability of Wi-Fi Networks

Failure to Control Police, Army (or CIA). Vigilantes with a Badge: The War Against the American People

Failure to Employ Alpha Citizens.

Failure to Assess & Apply Technologies.

Excessive Urbanization or Pollution. Missing the Marx: On Intellectual Failure and Environmental Catastrophe


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