2014-02-27 Global Reality Daily 0800 East


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01 Poverty. Child poverty abolition plan stranded as George Osborne blocks new targets

02 Infectious Disease. Common Strep Bacteria May Be Morphing Into ‘Superbug’

03 Environmental Degradation. Senator Boxer’s Statement: The Keystone Pipeline and the Threat to Human Health

04 Inter-State Conflict. China Paper Slams West’s ‘Cold War Mentality’ Over Ukraine

05 Civil War. Can Ukraine Avoid an East-West Split and Bloody Civil War?

06 Genocide. Rwanda genocide: France blocks extraditions

07 Other Atrocities. ‘Atrocities by both sides in S Sudan’

08 Proliferation. Sawed-off shotgun leads to WMD charge

09 Terrorism. Forecasts of terrorist apocalypse? Never mind

10 Transnational Crime. Wildleaks forest crime whistleblower site looks to Asia Pacific


01 Agriculture. California Drought Threatens to Destabilize Agriculture Markets

02 Diplomacy. Diplomacy by Donorism -America’s top overseas appointments go to status-seeking campaign cronies.

03 Economy. The Information Economy: Creating the Next Boom

04 Education. Higher education, science groups release video supporting boost in federal research spending

05 Energy. Guide sets future energy from waste policy

06 Family. Family businesses need a framework to grow, says ISB prof

07 Health. How Washington Dooms Millions of Americans to Premature Death

08 Immigration. Immigration Overhaul: Good Ethics and Good Economics

09 Justice. Justice Department Asks Court to Hold Phone Records

10 Security. Fingerprint security isn’t foolproof

11 Society. Another Wall Street firm seems set to buy its way out of a legal jam

12 Water. In deep water – Humans are damaging the high seas. Now the oceans are doing harm back


01 Brazil. BRICS By BRICK- Part 2: BRAZIL

02 China. China to Share Pollution Data with Korea

03 Cuba. Raul Castro Loud and Clear on Cuba’s Future

04 Ecuador. Police Spend £5m Guarding Assange In Embassy

05 India. India’s Stakes in the Middle East

06 Indonesia. Indonesia wants to be great power

07 Iran. Iran fires mortar shells into Pakistan

08 Nigeria. Nigeria is Sitting on a Time Bomb with Youth Unemployment – Tinubu

09 Russia. The High Cost of Ignoring Russia in Ukraine

10 Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia again woos Pakistan as U.S. shifts strategic balance in Iran’s favor

11 Turkey. While Turkey’s Government Cries Coup, Tech Startups Keep Coding

12 Veneuzela. Venezuela’s Sicad II [new foreign exchange] gets tentative thumbs up

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