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Inadequate Intelligence. NSA reform advocates oppose White House proposal to hand data to FBI

Isolation of Elites. Outgoing NSA chief Keith Alexander signals openness to surveillance reform

Breakdown of Elite Consensus. Scramble for Cuba begins with shifts among US ruling elite

Weak or Inefficient Government.

Too Much or Too Little Bureaucracy.

Ego-Centric or Parochial Government.

Elite Intransigence. The Efficacy of Combative Resistance

Repression of Dissent. Venezuela Calls U.S. and Canada More Repressive

Failure to Adapt. 5 things retail earnings tell us about the rest of the year

Ineffective Tension Managment. US STOCKS-Futures fall on Ukraine tension ahead of Yellen comments

Failure to Examine False Premises. Creating a Pedagogy in Common: Excerpt From “Toward a New Common School Movement”

External Control of Government.

Arbitrary or Excessive Government.

Failure to Respond to All Groups. Mexico Criticizes U.S. Deportation Policy

Garrison, Industrial, or Welfare State. US/NATO plans to control and dominate space – Bruce Gagnon


Concentration of Wealth. Wealth And Income Disparity, Not So Much In Consumption Patterns

Lack of Public Disclosure. Close the account on Swiss secrecy

Loss of Economic Initiative. Gov. Jindal stands by harsh criticism of Obama, declares United States doesn’t ‘have a king’

Failure to Do Balanced Growth. Growth Uncertainties Leave Markets Flat

Breakdown of Fiscal, Monetary, Welfare Policies. Who Benefits From The Welfare System, WalMart Or The Workers?

Insufficient Mobility. The myth of upward mobility

Failure to Deal with White Collar Crime. Why Is the Justice Department More Concerned with Respecting Swiss Laws Than Enforcing Our Own?

Loss of Key Sectors to Foreign Providers.

Loss of Quality Control.

Status Discrepancies. Obama adviser: Charges of class warfare are ‘hyperventilation’ by the rich

Lack of Economic Motivators.

Unstable Growth. IMF study finds inequality is damaging to economic growth

Excessive Defense Spending. Amnesty International to US, EU: Suspend all arms transfers to Israel


Conflicting Myths. 5 economic myths that just won’t die

Inadequate Socialization. Ted Bunch, Activist on Ending Violence Against Women, Comes to UMass

Loss of Authority. Senate panel kills measure that challenged federal authority

Failure to Honor National Myth System.

Humiliation of Leaders. United States must learn from Afghanistan failure

Loss of Confidence by Population.

Cynicism, Opportunism, Corruption. Five San Fran Cops Indicted for Rights, Corruption Violations

Failure to Deal with Prejudice. Arizona legislature emanates ignorance, prejudice

Desertion of Intellectuals.

Failure to Deal with Alienation. ALLARD: Alienating those who defend us

Media (Self) Censorship. US court orders Google to remove Innocence of Muslims film from YouTube

Suppression of Intellectual Disourse.

Failure of Religion. So-Called Religious Liberty Bills Pervert our First Amendment

Cultural Pre-Disposition Toward Violence. The US Has No Legitimacy on Venezuela


Acceptance of Media Distortions. Stanford University Welcomes Chinese Regime’s Propaganda

Inadequate Education. Starting Over in U.S. Education: Author of New Book Aims to Flip a Broken K-12 School System

 Failure to Embrace New Technologies. Jean Lievens: 21 Technologies That Will Decentralize the World

Failure to Embrace New Groups. New Report Finds U.S. Hispanic Population Grew Sixfold Since 1970 To More Than 53 Million

Failure to Have a National Strategy. NSA director calls for stronger strategy to deter cyberattacks

Failure to Nurture Entrepreneurship. Kauffman CEO champions 3-prong plan for entrepreneurship

Failure to Franchise All Groups. US ranks low in first-ever global index of LGBT inclusion in armed forces

Failure to Develop National R&D. Tesla Motors Inc’s plans for massive US$5B battery ‘gigafactory’ could spark bidding war as 6,500 jobs up for grabs

Failure to (Protect) Communications. Equating Civil Liberties with Privacy

Failure to Control Police, Army (or CIA). California Town Shaken as Police Officers Arrested

Failure to Employ Alpha Citizens.

Failure to Assess & Apply Technologies. UPDATE 1-State Department acted properly on Keystone -U.S. report

Excessive Urbanization or Pollution.


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