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IADB CirclesNOTE: If the line is blank, this means that if you or your friends write an article online using that phrase, it will make it into our next listing. One of the reasons we are doing this is to show opportunities for writing about opens that are not properly covered by the mainstream media.

Autonomous Internet. Competing with Skynet: Could Distributed Autonomous Corporations Usher In a New Kind of Competition?

Crowd Funding. Technology seen leveling field for female entrepreneurs

Crowd Sourcing.

Liberation Technology.

Open Access. Copyright meets Internet

Open Architecture.


Open Budget.

Open Cloud. CloudSigma partners with open source cloud manager CompatibleOne

Open Coalition. Scituate FACTS Coalition: Starting the conversation on opiate addiction

Open Content.

Open Culture.

Open Data. How Open Data Portals Will Stimulate Innovation and Economic Growth

Open Democracy.

Open Design.

Open Ecology.

Open Education.

Open Election.

Open Electronics.

Open Environment.


Open Government. Avila honored for promoting open government

Open Hardware.

Open Innovation. DAY 2 LIVE: Innovation Leaders’ Conference, Cambridge

Open Knowledge.

Open Manufacturing.

Open Materials.

Open Media.

Open Meetings. 4 Weslaco city commissioners, 1 ex-commissioner jailed on open meetings charges


Open Money.

Open Network. ConteXtream to Speak and Demonstrate SDN Solutions at Open Networking Summit 2014

Open Politics.

Open Records. Why open records matter

Open Religion.

Open Repositories.

Open Science.

Open Security.

Open Software. Sepang II MotoGP Test: ‘Very big' Open software upgrade not yet used

Open Spectrum.

Open Standards.

Open Textbooks.

True Cost. The true cost of Broadwater cruise ship terminal revealed and it won’t stack up without a mega-resort and casino

UnConference. Pod Camp TO takes over Rogers Communications Centre


THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth, & Trust (2012)

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