BUCKY 2.0: Synthesis of R. Buckminster Fuller INSTRUCTIONS (On a Critical Path Toward Taking Care of Everyone, Doing No Harm)

Buckminster Fuller
Buckminster Fuller

SYNTHESIS of R. Buckminster Fuller INSTRUCTIONS (on a critical path toward taking care of everyone, doing no harm)

  • Do you OWN THINKING (clearly discern reality from nonsense)
  • Really know TRUTH (universal Principles/Laws/Truths [PLTs] governing all human experience)
  • Understand ESSENTIAL NATURE of being human (relevaing inherent relationships to self, others, community of life, Universe
  • Pay attention to ALL CLUES nature provides
  • UNLEARN anything not confirmed by natural, universal, omnipotents, operational PLTs
  • Make a complete DISCONNECT from everything lacking integrity of natural laws
  • SATURATE yourself iwth accurate, comprehensive (Cosmically Adequate) information
  • RETHINK everything, continually (ask, “What makes ______ true?”)

Additional reflections:

Some interesting things to contemplate in the process of focusing on truth, disconnecting, and rethinking.

As each of us steps back and objectively considers our life (our human experience), typically one thing becomes clear, everything happens within a universe that is in harmony and balance at all times. Buckminster Fuller said, “You never can catch universe unaware, not ready,” and “Universe never said, ‘I don’t know what to do about that.’”

The reality is that universe operates elegantly and precisely according to universal principles/laws/truths, none of which are human creations, and none of which ever fail or contradict another.

Thinking deeply and comprehensively about aspects of our relationships within universe can reveal orientations we might take for granted, which when seen in a different light might give valuable feedback and insight into issues of great concern in our current situation.

Here are a few, sort of out of the ordinary, perspectives to stimulate your thought process:

• The many elements of separation in our culture (and the stories we make up to “justify” them, such as:
o Nationality
o Race
o Gender
o Religion
o Job
o Economic “class”

• Earning a living
• Ownership
• Competition

You are encouraged to consider these items, absent pre-conceived perspectives, opinion, belief, judgment, just go where unfettered thought takes you. Essentially, there are no “right ways” to think about such things.

Source: Dave Buck.

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