Daniel Villegas: How NASA is Launching 3D Printing Into Space

Danielle Villegas
Danielle Villegas

3D printing! In space! It makes a lot of sense, really, as long as they are able to make it work properly. I’ve often thought that having a 3D printer at home would be handy for the same reason. This is proof that 3D printing isn’t going anywhere, and learning the basics is going to be an important skills for kids to learn now for the future. –techcommgeekmom

How NASA is Launching 3D Printing Into Space

The newest adopter of 3D printing isn’t some hobbyist in a basement — it’s NASA.

The agency is already building some of its customized spacecraft and instrument parts using 3D printing, and someday soon, astronauts might even make tools and replacement by 3D printing them in space.

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