Jim Dean: Putin Forces on Alert – War Footing?

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Jim W. Dean
Jim W. Dean

With the Ukraine now spinning out of control, we expected that Putin would not sit by on his hands.

The various uncontrollable and now armed nationalists and rightist groups will turn on the new interim government in a heartbeat if they do not get everything they want…and have said as much.

These groups have ‘outside sponsors', old ones like NATO and the US, dating all the way back to the Gladio days, that is if Gladio ever ended…or was just transformed and redirected.

And then there are new protagonists like the EU and Saudi Arabia looking to create mayhem on Russia's border and compete for a southern gas supply through Northern Syria to the European markets and cut Iran and Iraq off from those future revenues.

As we have long editorialized here, the security ‘threats' hyped on the Western public are just a smokescreen for what is obviously a new Commercial Cold War strategy, where destabilization, wide scale terrorism and even conventional military power are deemed tools to be used to control economic zones.  This little item is conveniently left out of the oaths they take when entering the service. It might cause some confusion.

And with both trickle down economics and communism standing naked before the world in their failures, we know the economic interests being fought over will not be ours.

We are seeing the emergence of Northern non-Muslim nationalist Jihadis added to the mix of proxy hoodlums to be unleashed upon millions of new victims to make their lives miserable. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have not had one political leader or business mogul tried and executed for treason, terrorism, or financial crimes on a scale to rank with the crimes against humanity. 

The combination of international criminal enterprises enjoying a marriage of mutual benefit with political powers that protect them with immunity is one of the major undiscussed threats of our time.

No one in corporate media will say a word about it as they know these folks kill people when they feel it necessary, and their corrupt government partners can squash any serious investigations. These are more dangerous times than even those following them closely can imagine…

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