Ecuador Initiative: Limits of Economic Valuations of Nature

Culture, Design, Governance, Knowledge, Resilience
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ECUADOR INITIATIVE: Transition Proposals Toward a Commons-Oriented Economy and Society

Sponsored by the National Institute of Advanced Studies of Ecuador, carried out by the Free/Libre Open Knowledge (FLOK) Society.

From Jose Luis Vivero Pol

BIOMOT Policy Brief 1 – Limitations to Economic Environmental Valuation

1. EEV methods fail to secure ecosystem systainability.

2. EEV methods mistakenly assume that money can be used as a neutral measuring rod of people's preferences.

3. EEV methods are grounds in a misguided approach to decision making.

4. EEV methods misunderstand, and motivate policies which fail to respect, the way in which people value nature.

5. EEV methods may compromise intrincis motivations for environmental protection.

6. EEV methods facilitate the troubling expansion of market norms into environmental valuation and decision making.

Phi Beta Iota: Without a holistic analytic model and true cost economics (and now adding socio-cultural valuations not represented by industrial era approaches to thinking) it is not possible to achieve resilient sustainability at scale.

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