Richard Stallman: Free Software Supporter Issue 70 January 2014

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Richard Stallman
Richard Stallman

Free Software Supporter

Issue 70, January 2014


  • FSF licensing team: Doing even more in 2014
  • Speakers and venue announced for FSF's LibrePlanet 2014 — register today!
  • Help the FSF bury Windows 8
  • As free software users, we need to speak out against the TPP
  • Don't let the MPAA buy the Web
  • Coreboot-supported Asus F2A85-M/CSM added to recommended hardware list
  • Cambridge, MA City Council adopts resolution to commemorate thirty years of GNU
  • Two new ways to get involved in the planning for LibrePlanet 2014
  • Interview with Joerg Henrichs of SuperTuxKart
  • Setting up your own app store with F-Droid
  • Italy puts free software first in public sector
  • When free software isn’t (practically) better
  • GSRC version 2014.0.1.06 released
  • Join the FSF and friends in updating the Free Software Directory
  • LibrePlanet featured resource: LibrePlanet ideas
  • GNU Spotlight with Karl Berry: 28 new GNU releases!
  • GNU Toolchain Update
  • Richard Stallman's speaking schedule and other FSF events
  • Thank GNUs!
  • Take action with the FSF!

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