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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Attivio and Quant5 Partner to Meet Challenges of Data Analytics

The article on PRNewswire titled Attivio and Quant5 Partner to Bring Fast and Reliable Predictive Customer Analytics to the Cloud explains the partnership between the two analytics innovators. Aimed at producing information from data without the hassle of a team of data scientists, the partnership promises to effectively create insights that companies will be able to act on. The partnership responds to the growing frustration some companies face with gleaning useful information from huge amounts of data. The article explains,

“Attivio built its business around the core principle that integrating big data and big content should not require expensive mainframe legacy systems, handcuffing service agreements, years of integration and expensive data scientists. Attivio enterprise customers experience business-changing efficiency, sales and competitive results within 90 days. Similarly, Quant5 arose from the understanding that businesses need simple, elegant solutions to address difficult and complex marketing challenges. Quant5 customers experience increased revenues, reduced customer churn and an affordable and fast path to predictive analytics.”

The possibility of indirect sales following in the footsteps of Autonomy and Endeca does seem to be a part of the 2014 tactics. The AttivioQuant5, Inc. solutions are offered in five major areas of concern: Lead & Opportunity Scoring, Customer Segmentation, Targeted Offers, Product Usage and Product Relationships.

Chelsea Kerwin, February 11, 2014

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