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01 Poverty. Peru: Poverty and drug trafficking, inseparable

02 Infectious Disease. Leprosy the world’s oldest infectious disease?

03 Environmental Degradation. Estuaries are under serious threat, says Dr. Shetye

04 Inter-State Conflict. Crimean War Games

05 Civil War.

06 Genocide. 12 years of Gujarat genocide -Demand to punish Modi for Crimes against Humanity

07 Other Atrocities. MADURO! Please Remind Obama! MLK Condemned US Atrocities Covert Violence on Three Continents

08 Proliferation.

09 Terrorism. Terrorism, Iranian Nukes Considered Greatest Threats to U.S.

Phi Beta Iota: Americans have been dumbed down and drugged up.  They have no clue that they are being lied to everyday, and these two “threats” are contrived threats, falsified threats, for political convenience. The challenge of our times is to restore integrity to governance beginning with intelligence (decision-support). The out of control US Government is the greatest threat to peace and also the greatest obstacle to homeland prosperity.

10 Transnational Crime. Crackdown on shares fraud yields 110 arrests in Europe, U.S.


01 Agriculture.

02 Diplomacy. Economic diplomacy: Dividend galore if trade potential realised, says Nigerian envoy

03 Economy. The jobless economy

04 Education. ‘Disruptive innovation imperative for higher education’

05 Energy. The Next Next Thing: Dealing with distributed generation and rooftop solar

06 Family.

07 Health. Google Glass Could Help Stop Emerging Public Health Threats Around the World

08 Immigration. Immigration Agency Rejects Woman’s Citizenship Application Because Of Her Secular Beliefs

09 Justice. Justice for Palestine

10 Security. The future of access control according to HID

11 Society.

12 Water. Learn More About 2014 Drought Impacts


01 Brazil. Brazil’s Two Biggest Companies Reduce Investments

02 China. Pak-China trade relations strengthening

03 Cuba. Fear and hope in Cuba over Venezuela protests

04 Ecuador. Colombia, Ecuador reaffirm energy agreements

05 India. India tops Saudi Arabia’s investment destinations

06 Indonesia. Indonesia’s competitiveness at risk from neglected diseases of poverty

07 Iran. India, Iran, Oman to start discussing gas pipeline

08 Nigeria. Nigeria, Israel sign agricultural cooperation deal

09 Russia. Russia Seeks Access to Bases in Eight Countries for Its Ships and Bombers

10 Saudi Arabia. UK, Saudi Arabia destabilizing Middle East: Cunningham

11 Turkey. Turkey’s hydroelectric power lowers foreign dependence

12 Veneuzela. Venezuela: Where Does It Go From Here?

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