2014-03-02 Open Source Everything Daily


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IADB CirclesNOTE: If the line is blank, this means that if you or your friends write an article on line using that phrase, it will make it into our next listing. One of the reasons we are doing this is to show opportunities for writing about opens that are not properly covered by the mainstream media.

Autonomous Internet.

Crowd Funding. Moov Fitness Tracker Passes Its $40K Crowdfunding Goal In 90 Minutes

Crowd Sourcing. Twitch Plays Pokemon – A crowd sourcing social experiment

Liberation Technology.

Open Access. Open Access Honesty

Open Architecture.


Open Budget.

Open Cloud.

Open Coalition.

Open Content.

Open Culture. David Niven Presents an Oscar and Gets Interrupted by a Streaker (1974)

Open Data. Calls For Open Data Policies in Patent Law

Open Democracy. Exclusive: ‘Ukrainian assets owned or used by ousted President Viktor Yanukovych hidden behind trail of firms with links to UK’

Open Design.

Open Ecology.

Open Education.

Open Election.

Open Electronics.

Open Environment.


Open Government. High court deals open government a setback

Open Hardware.

Open Innovation. Which 3 mhealth finalists excelled at crowdfunding in American Heart Association’s innovation challenge?

Open Knowledge.

Open Manufacturing.

Open Materials.

Open Media.

Open Meetings. Proponents of Alabama Open Meetings Act score victory


Open Money.

Open Network.

Open Politics.

Open Records. ONA: Open records ruling a major setback

Open Religion.

Open Repositories.

Open Science.

Open Security.

Open Software.

Open Spectrum.

Open Standards.

Open Textbooks.

True Cost.



THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth, & Trust (2012)

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