2014-03-03 Revolution USA Daily


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Inadequate Intelligence.

Isolation of Elites.

Breakdown of Elite Consensus.

Weak or Inefficient Government.

Too Much or Too Little Bureaucracy.

Ego-Centric or Parochial Government. The road to war is paved with arrogance and miscalculation

Elite Intransigence.

Repression of Dissent.

Failure to Adapt.

Ineffective Tention Managment.

Failure to Examine False Premises.

External Control of Government.

Arbitrary or Excessive Government.

Failure to Respond to All Groups.

Garrison, Industrial, or Welfare State.


Concentration of Wealth.

Lack of Public Disclosure.

Loss of Economic Initiative.

Failure to Do Balanced Growth. This One Factor Could Make or Break Your Portfolio

Breakdown of Fiscal, Monetary, Welfare Policies. Losses Mobilize the Bitcoin Police

Insufficient Mobility.

Failure to Deal with White Collar Crime.

Loss of Key Sectors to Foreign Providers. China replaces US as No. 1 merchandise trader

Loss of Quality Control.

Status Discrepancies.

Lack of Economic Motivators.

Unstable Growth. New Apple TV May Be Secret Catalyst For U.S. Growth

Excessive Defense Spending.


Conflicting Myths.

Inadequate Socialization.

Loss of Authority. U.S. Lacks Moral Authority to Criticize Russia for Intervening in Ukraine*

Failure to Honor National Myth System.

Humiliation of Leaders.

Loss of Confidence by Population.

Cynicism, Opportunism, Corruption. Opinion: Trenton needs leader with ‘zero tolerance for corruption’

Failure to Deal with Prejudice.

Desertion of Intellectuals.

Failure to Deal with Alienation.

Media (Self) Censorship.

Suppression of Intellectual Disourse.

Failure of Religion.

Cultural Pre-Disposition Toward Violence. Standoff With Russia Fuels U.S. Defense Spending Debate


Acceptance of Media Distortions.

Inadequate Education.

 Failure to Embrace New Technologies.

Failure to Embrace New Groups. No Supreme Court review for local laws against harboring illegal immigrants

Failure to Have a National Strategy.

Failure to Nurture Entrepreneurship. NSU to hold summer entrepreneurship camp

Failure to Franchise All Groups. American Civil Liberties Union seeks temporary block on same-sex marriage ban

Failure to Develop National R&D. Defense contractors split $60M research deal

Failure to (Protect) Communications.

Failure to Control Police, Army (or CIA). Police Brutality, Worse Today in America Than Ever

Failure to Employ Alpha Citizens.

Failure to Assess & Apply Technologies.

Excessive Urbanization or Pollution.


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