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We’re playing around. None of the RSS / curation offerings are satisfactory. As a side note: the President's Daily Brief (PDB) is Top Secret Limited Distribution and costs roughly 219 million dollars a day and is seen by very few. This daily is free and open to all. Below is a simple Global Reality matrix. The US Government obsesses on the two red dots.

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01 Poverty. Poverty, disparity grow along with prosperity in Silicon Valley's boom

02 Infectious Disease. Malaria Cases Could Rise with Temperatures, Study Says

03 Environmental Degradation. Environment policy must embrace uncertainty

04 Inter-State Conflict. War, Yes? War, No? The Ukraine Standoff as Diplomatic Mashup

05 Civil War.

06 Genocide. The God Blog: Faith, forgiveness conquor horrors of Rwandan genocide

07 Other Atrocities. “Atrocity Prevention is a Core National Security Interest for the United States”

08 Proliferation. Iran's Secret Weapons-Israel intercepts a missile cache intended for Gaza.

09 Terrorism. Counter-Terrorism: The Impossible Dream

10 Transnational Crime. Employee verification is first step in managing workplace fraud


01 Agriculture. Agriculture Secretary announces $3 million for new program to improve pollinator health

02 Diplomacy. Iran, U.S. Say Diplomacy Working at UN Nuclear Watchdog Meeting

03 Economy. The economic battleground-Gas and chocolate

04 Education. Taiwan gears up to promote education innovation

05 Energy. Nepal's energy future: Too much when it rains, too little rest of the time

06 Family. China Struggles to Implement Relaxed Policy on Family Size

07 Health. World Health Organization: New Public Guidelines on Sugar Intake

08 Immigration. Immigration reform crucial for South Jersey farmers, officials say

09 Justice. Want Justice? Try Scandinavia

10 Security. Security Manager's Journal: Security flaw shakes faith in Apple mobile devices

11 Society. unite4:good Spreading Around the Globe

12 Water. DoD: Water scarcity a growing issue for installations


01 Brazil. Brazil Area’s Sugar-Cane Crop Seen by Alta Mogiana Falling 7.1%

02 China. China apprehending boats weekly in disputed South China Sea

03 Cuba. Cuba agrees to open talks with EU on new political accord

04 Ecuador. Ecuador launches tender for potable waterworks for Pichincha

05 India. India's manufacturing, services growth outpaced China in February: HSBC

06 Indonesia. Indonesia Battles Raging Forest Fires, Takes Heat On Transboundary Haze

07 Iran. Iran hangs 16 in reprisal for Pakistan border killings

08 Nigeria. Rescuing Nigeria from Islamic violence

09 Russia. Russia Experts See Thinning Ranks’ Effect on U.S. Policy

Among those experts, there is a belief that a dearth of talent in the field and ineffectual management from the White House have combined to create an unsophisticated and cartoonish view of a former superpower, and potential threat, that refuses to be relegated to the ash heap of history.

10 Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia reports 1 more death from new virus

11 Turkey. Turkey's Banks Face Uncertain Future

12 Veneuzela. Venezuela cuts ties with Panama

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