2014-03-08 Global Reality Daily


We’re playing around. None of the RSS / curation offerings are satisfactory. As a side note: the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) is Top Secret Limited Distribution and costs roughly 219 million dollars a day and is seen by very few. This daily is free and open to all. Below is a simple Global Reality matrix. The US Government obsesses on the two red dots.

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01 Poverty. Unsettling Child Poverty Numbers Released

02 Infectious Disease. Despite progress, tuberculosis persists in West European cities

03 Environmental Degradation. Officials: Threat to Oahu’s Water Supply More Serious Than Thought

04 Inter-State Conflict. The War on Democracy: The Deep State

05 Civil War.

06 Genocide. BDS drive only way to end ‘silent genocide’ of Palestinians

07 Other Atrocities. Human Trafficking: Why Slavery Still Exists

08 Proliferation.

09 Terrorism. We cannot respond terrorism with terrorism: India

10 Transnational Crime.


01 Agriculture. Alabama Joins Agriculture Lawsuit Against California Chicken Cage Law

02 Diplomacy. Bloomberg: Crimea crisis haunted by ghosts of bungled World War I diplomacy

03 Economy. Economy adds 175,000 jobs, beating forecasts

Phi Beta Iota: More people were added to the job-seeking population than jobs were created. There was a net loss. All numbers coming out of the US Government and repeated by the media are outright fabrications and misrepresentations. For accurate information, visit www.shadowstats.com.

04 Education. PISD joins national “innovation collaboration” project

05 Energy. Tesla’s alternative energy future aims for massive lithium-ion battery production

06 Family.

07 Health. Cosmetics Industry Reform Proposal Fails Public Health

08 Immigration. Face immigration reality

09 Justice. Justice Department asked to look into CIA/Senate dispute

10 Security. Security Researchers Say ‘Turla’ Spyware May Have Russian Origin

11 Society. Pop culture is overshadowing knowledge of political, global issues

12 Water. Contaminated water draining into Dan River


01 Brazil. Brazil Supports Unasur Meeting About Turmoil in Venezuela

02 China. China Won’t Yield on Disputes With Neighbors, Foreign Minister Says

03 Cuba. Cuba to authorize household internet connections

04 Ecuador. Former Florida resident ran sex tourism business in Ecuador, feds say

05 India. India’s anti-graft party takes aim at Modi’s economic model

06 Indonesia. Diseases Threaten Indonesia’s Economic Health

07 Iran. Iran President Condemns Hard-Line Media Crackdown

08 Nigeria. Nigeria: Clean Terrorists Defeat Dirty Soldiers

09 Russia. Russian Orthodox Church sings from Putin hymn sheet on Ukraine

10 Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health to deploy the HyGreen Hand Hygiene System

11 Turkey. Turkey local election holds key to Kurdish peace talks

12 Veneuzela. 3 Reasons Venezuela’s Protesters Won’t Win

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