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We’re playing around. None of the RSS / curation offerings are satisfactory. As a side note: the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) is Top Secret Limited Distribution and costs roughly 219 million dollars a day and is seen by very few. This daily is free and open to all. Below is a simple Global Reality matrix. The US Government obsesses on the two red dots.

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01 Poverty. Generate decent jobs ‘or a billion people will remain in extreme poverty’

Phi Beta Iota: Jobs are not the answer — the average Mayan male worked no more than 60 days a year to support his family. Poverty is less related to a lack of work in a sick society and corrupt economy than it is to the absence of common equitable approaches to the basics of communal water, health, food, and shelter. The Guardian means well, but they are emblematic of “old  think” and not yet ready to for Epoch B thinking…at least in this instance.

02 Infectious Disease. Penn Hospital at the Forefront of Antibiotic-Resistance Fight

03 Environmental Degradation.

04 Inter-State Conflict. War Leaves Syrian Children Without Adequate Health Care

05 Civil War.

06 Genocide. U.N. inquiry aims to prevent genocide in Central African Republic

07 Other Atrocities. Students bring attention to modern-day slavery

08 Proliferation. Proliferation of firearms in society rising –– Study

09 Terrorism. Inf. Minister: Syria’s Victory over Terrorism Marks Triumph for All Free World Powers

10 Transnational Crime.


01 Agriculture. Agriculture – the environment’s problem or answer?

02 Diplomacy. Diplomacy of cooperation: Way for resolving water sharing issues

03 Economy. French Economy Shows No Improvement

04 Education. “Innovate, Disrupt, Repeat”Coleman receives American Council on Education’s Lifetime Achievement Award

05 Energy. Rocky Barker: Burning coal is not the same as burning forests

06 Family.

07 Health. Heroin overdoses pose ‘urgent public health crisis’: U.S. attorney general

08 Immigration. A Sane Immigration Policy

09 Justice. China’s chief justice warns of weakness in court system

10 Security. Security failures of missing Malaysian flight spark concern

11 Society.

12 Water. Sustainability of water use in agriculture


01 Brazil. Brazil Drought Relief Seen Trailing Distributors’ Cost Increases

02 China. China falling behind on 2020 hydro goals as premier urges new dam building

Phi Beta Iota: It is a huge mistake to center a national water strategy on dam building. That assumes water levels will remain. Instead China should be mising conservation with water desalination on a scale only China can achieve.

03 Cuba. Cuban sugar harvest falters

04 Ecuador. Mexico’s president to visit Ecuador and Chile

05 India. India Inc beats Chinese peers in financial health

06 Indonesia. Indonesia, Australia and the Edward Snowden Legacy: Shifting asymmetries of power

07 Iran. Will Iran’s ‘end to extremism’ take hold?

08 Nigeria. In Nigeria, Politics Isn’t Local

09 Russia. Russia Establishes Crimea Supply Route, New Border

10 Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood: exposing the lies of House of Saud

11 Turkey. Turkey walking a tightrope over Crimea

12 Veneuzela. Venezuela’s Maduro faces hard choices

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