Owl: Malaysian Airlines a Mossad False Flag? Update 4

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Who?  Who?UPDATE 13 MAR 14: Owl: Malaysian Airlines Flight Hijacked via AWACS? Chinese Engineers Renditioned? Flew 4 Hours After Radar Loss – False Flag Blocked By Public Intelligence?

Owl: Was a Harry Potter-Like Electronic “Cloak of Invisibility” Used on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 by Freescale Semiconductor Contractors?

Malaysia Airliner Communications Shut Down Separately: US Officials Say

UPDATE 12 MAR 14: Owl: Did an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Bomb Take Down the Malaysian Airlines Flight to China?

UPDATE 11 MAR 14: Option A. Iranians sneaking into Europe via China after arriving from Dubai to Phuket — seeking asylum, not terrorists. Option B. Israelis pretending to be Iranians. Option C. American non-official cover team sneaking into China. Option D. North Korean missile fell on the aircraft. Option E. Chinese missile from Chinese submarine, possible US Aegis attack on Chinese sub.

Malaysia Airlines MH370: Interpol identifies mystery passengers

“Find Mr Ali”: Iranian man bought tickets for stolen passport pair on missing Malaysian Airlines jet

China conveys ‘deep concern’ to North Korea at missile’s proximity to aircraft

Black Man Used Stolen Passport to Board Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight

Flight MH370 My preliminary analysis is that the plane was shot down by the Chinese.  It looks like they used a Chinese copy of the AIM-54 Phoenix, fired from a PLA Navy SSK, probably a Kilo-class 636, in semi-active homing mode, taking out the crew and cockpit in cruise at FL350.  The radios would have been jammed.

Murder “R” Us with Fake Passports: Mossad

Wayne Madsen’s theory may be on right track, given Israel’s Mossad long experience with engaging in passport fraud to kill people (see links below):

Two passengers on doomed Malaysian Airlines plane were traveling on stolen Italian and Austrian passports. This incident is no longer an accident but a terrorism crime. Now what country specializes in the use of stolen passports, especially in Asia? Clue: It starts with an “I” but it is not Ireland, Ivory Coast, or Iraq.”

Fresh developments:

Now there may be four suspect passports on Malaysian flight 370

References various acts of passport fraud committed by Mossad over the years in various countries, plus recent investigative developments in Mossad passport fraud in Australia and India:

(2014) Malaysian Air Crash – Mossad False Flag?

(2011) Australian passports being stolen on a grand scale

(2004) ‘Mossad spies’ jailed over New Zealand passport fraud


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