Daniel Villegas: 24 Elements of Content Strategy

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Danielle Villegas
Danielle Villegas

Charlie Southwell (@charliesaidthat) brought this article to my attention. It's an interesting analysis on how to bring content strategy together. As Rahel Bailie posted on Charlie's Facebook account where he posted this, she noted that much of this article could be talked at even longer length about some of these components, and she's right.  Take a look, and see what you think…I think much of it makes a lot of sense.

The 24 ingredients for a delicious content strategy

Top level: Distribution, Content, Stie Structure, Analytics


1. Website engagement analytuics
2. Website organic traffic information
3. Keyword analysis
4. Content mind map
5. SEO & social competitor analysis
6.  Category card sort
7. Tagging amendments
8. Menu restructure
9. SEO onpage
10. Evergreen content audit
11. Retrospective editing
12. Authorship review
13. Taxonomy and audit phase goals
14. Stock (durable stuff) and flow (feed)
15. Page types
16. Editorial calendar
17. Quantitative benchmarking system
18. Headlines
19. Formatting
20. Distributable content
21. Social media
22. Email
23. Partner network
24. Paid for network

Read full article with many links.

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