SchwartzReport: 40% of US High School Graduates Cannot Read Competently…

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

We spend more on education than any other advanced state, and we get dismal outcomes for our money. The United States seems to be unable to do what other industrialized nations do routinely — educate our children. Only 40 per cent of graduating seniors can even read competently. We are becoming a nation of morons, and this is particularly true in the Red value states. So this is also having a big effect on the Great Schism Trend!

No Gains for 12th-graders on National Exam
KIMBERLY HEFLING – The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Handing out dismal grades, the Nation’s Report Card says America’s high school seniors lack critical math and reading skills for an increasingly competitive global economy.

Only about one-quarter are performing proficiently or better in math and just 4 in 10 in reading. And they’re not improving, the report says, reinforcing concerns that large numbers of today’s students are unprepared for either college or the workplace.

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