Robin Good: The Future of Universities Is In Becoming Masters of Curation

Robin Good
Robin Good

The Future of Universities Is In Becoming Masters of Curation

Martin Smith, Chief Revenue Officer at Noodle, has written an interesting article highlighting how the future of universities is about to be completely transformed, and how, similarly to what is happening in the music industry, curators, or those organization acting in such role, will play a dramatically important role in the future of higher education.

Key factors that will make this a reality are:

  • The price of content will freefall over the next seven years.
  • The supply of learning content will swell.
  • Education will increasingly be personalized.

Universities will be masters of curation, working as talent agencies. They’ll draw royalties and license fees from the content professors create and curate.

In many ways, the role of the best universities will become even more focused on identifying, investing in, and harvesting the returns from great talent.

Insightful. Right-on-the-mark. Must-read. 9/10

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