William K. Black Plus Randy Wray and Warren Mosler on Modern Money Theory for Public Purpose

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William K. Black
William K. Black

William K. Black is a former Bank Regulator and expert on white collier crime especially control fraud you should.

According to Bill Moyers,

“The former Director of the Institute for Fraud Prevention now teaches Economics and Law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. During the savings and loan crisis, it was Black who accused then-house speakerJim Wright and five US Senators, including John Glenn and John McCain, of doing favors for the S&L’s in exchange for contributions and other perks. The senators got off with a slap on the wrist, but so enraged was one of those bankers, Charles Keating — after whom the senate’s so-called “Keating Five” were named — he sent a memo that read, in part, ‘get Black — kill him dead.’ Metaphorically, of course. Of course.”[4]

He has been writing extensively chastising both the President and Attorney General Holder regarding their lack of attention to control fraud. His prolific output outlines chapter and verse for any diligent prosecutor.

He currently blogs at http://neweconomicperspectives.org as do other Economic Professors who address the issue of a balanced budget through their belief in Modern Money Theory for public purpose (MMT) although some of the material is also viewed elsewhere especially Professor Randy Wray’s short article as to why  the budget of a sovereign nation is not like the budget of a household and Warren Moslers book. “7 deadly innocent frauds”


Mosler is a former hedge fund operator, automobile manufacturer and candidate for public office. His book which can be downloaded for free from the web site is relatively short and easy to read especially for laymen


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