SchwartzReport: Collective Energy Purchasing

05 Energy
Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Here is some excellent news about local action on the energy front. As you are reading this think about what might be done in your community.

The Power of Collective Energy Purchasing
JOHN FARRELL – Clean Technica

‘We can’t do it as an individual, But four hundred communities aggregating and asking for local wind power and solar power – that’s really powerful.”

Oak Park, IL, is one of hundreds of Illinois towns using their authority to buy electricity in bulk on behalf of its residential and small business customers. So far, most communities have used the policy – known as community choice aggregation – to negotiate for less expensive electricity compared to the default electric utility, Commonwealth Edison. Many have also purchased renewable energy credits with their power, but it’s not clear if the practice is greening or green-washing the power supply.

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