Berto Jongman: US Climate Refugees – to Alaska

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Is Alaska the new Florida? Experts predict where next for America's ‘climate refugees'

Rising temperatures could spark massive population shifts across the United States

Alaskans, stay in Alaska. People in the midwest and the Pacific north-west, sit tight. Scientists trying to predict the consequences of climate change say that they see few havens from the storms, floods and droughts that are sure to intensify over the coming decades. But some regions in the US, they add, will fare better than others.

Forget most of California and the south-west (drought, wildfires). Ditto for much of the east coast and south-east (heatwaves, hurricanes, rising sea levels). Washington DC , for example, may well be a flood zone by 2100, according to an estimate released last week.

Instead, consider Anchorage. Or even, perhaps, Detroit.

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